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🌿 Empowering Maidens Through Climate Smart Urban Agriculture 🌿

We're thrilled to announce a transformative event aimed at empowering maidens in the northwest region of Cameroon through the principles of Climate Smart Urban Agriculture (CSUA).

🗓️ Event Start Date: 7th June 2024

📍 Location: Nchobu Junction, Bamenda II

1. Empowering Women for Financial Independence: This event is designed to equip young girls and women with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve financial independence through smart agriculture. Through specialized training in CSUA, the participants will learn sustainable farming practices, crop diversification, and entrepreneurial skills that can open up new avenues for income generation.
2. A Call for Resilience: The event will not just focus on agriculture but also highlight the importance of resilience. Maidens attending this event will be encouraged to embrace self-reliance, thus reducing their vulnerability to financial exploitation and abuse.
3. Unlocking Potential: By fostering resource management skills and promoting self-reliance, the maidens will be better equipped to contribute to the overall reduction of hunger and poverty within their communities, thus making a significant impact on a much larger scale.
N/B: This event is free for all participants, and we welcome your support in rallying behind these young women. Join us in shaping a future where our communities thrive through empowerment and sustainable, smart agriculture.

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Bamenda, Northwest Region-Cameroon


Nchobu Junction, Bamenda II


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    UNIMAC (in partnership with 180DC SRCC)
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