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  • Our Mission

    The mission of UNIMAC is to empower and uplift women and girls in Cameroon through advocacy, education, and support. We strive to promote gender equality, provide resources and opportunities, and create a more inclusive society where every woman can thrive and succeed.

  • Our Vision

    We envisage a world free from exploitation and environmental harm, where every individual thrives in equality, safety, and dignity.

  • Our Goal

    UNIMAC empowers women in Cameroon through various initiatives such as skills training, advocacy for gender equality, health and wellness campaigns, economic empowerment programs, educational support, community service projects, networking, leadership development, sustainable fundraising, advocacy against gender-based voilence (GBV) and providing a safe space for women. These efforts aim to empower women and promote gender equality in Cameroon.

Our Objectives

Our Operational Plan

Database Creation

Bringing together all maidens in Cameroon into a united force and contribute to efforts aimed at improving their living and working conditions and better discuss ways to promote their socio-economic empowerment, progress and growth for their wellbeing.

Professional Training:

Roll out training programs tailored for maidens (young girls and women), promoting gender equality and professional growth while instituting better work environments and career pathway

Legal Contracts:

Craft standardized legal contracts that insulate every maiden (young girl or woman) with clearly defined rights, safeguarding against exploitation and gender bias.


Propel targeted advocacy campaigns to illuminate the injustices faced by the underprivileged and marginalized, focusing on promoting gender equality and domestic workers' rights.


Initiate empowerment programs for women and young girls, equipping them with the education and skills to overcome the risks of child trafficking and ascend to equitable social and economic heights.

Raise Awareness

To raise awareness, educate and sensitize the population on the important role maidens play in the development in our country and advocate for their respect, the rule of law and the preservation of all fundamental rights and freedom to live in dignity and in a secure society.


The organization relies on support through donations to fund its programs and activities. Donations can be made in cash or in kind. In-kind donations can include; food, clothing, medical supplies, and educational materials.

Prevent Social ills

To advocate for the protection of children from being victims of social ills such as forced or early marriages, sexual harassment,GBV etc. which can jeopardize their futures.


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UNIVERSAL MAIDENS ASSOCIATION CAMEROON (UNIMAC) ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women and girls in Cameroon. Established in 2020 and obtained legal status in 2021, UNIMAC works to improve the lives of women through education, advocacy, and skills training programs. Our mission is to promote gender equality, eliminate discrimination, and support the personal and professional development of women and girls. With a strong focus on community engagement and partnerships, UNIMAC strives to create a more equitable society where women have the resources and support they need to thrive.

  • We are advocating for an economic, social and environmental transition for full, productive and freely chosen employment and decent work for all.
  • Gender equality, equal opportunities and treatment in the workplace.
  • Comprehensive and sustainable social protection for all.
  • Improved knowledge, knowledge and influence to promote decent work.
  • Adequate and effective protection at work for all
  • We campaign against the use of intoxicants and substance abuse among young people.

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