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  • info@unimaccameroon.org
Our mission is to empower maidens and youth through education, training, and support. We also aim to protect children from exploitation and abuse, and promote sustainable development.
  • Our specific programs and activities include:
  • -To advocate against the employment of minors (little children) as maidens in homes and other establishments.

    - To assist the needy and abandoned street children in the society     

    -Provide standard basic education to children of dire need.

    -Expose children and youths to modern technology such as the use of ICT facilities.

    -Identify and develop potentials in children such as music, designing, drawing and painting etc. at an early age that are not common in their communities and which can easily be ignored.

    -Provide environmental education and support to children/communities on issues such as climate change, soil management, HIV/AIDS, STDs, and Malaria etc.

    -Provide skill-building facilities to children and youths in areas of operation.

    -To advocate for the protection of children from being victims of social ills such as forced or early marriages, sexual harassments, political crisis etc. which can jeopardize their futures.

    -Promote gender awareness amongst children, youths and parents so as to ensure a more harmonious and peaceful relationship between the boy/girl child as they mature and among men and women.

    -Promote literacy and economic diversification amongst maidens and youth.

    -Promote gender equality and protect women to ensure their integration into the development process of Cameroon.

    -Educate and empower communities on environmental protection and sustainability.

You can donate to our organization in cash or in kind. In-kind donations can include food, clothing, medical supplies, and educational materials. You can also donate by clicking on the "Donate" button on our website.
You can volunteer with our organization by contacting us at info@unimaccameroon.org or +237 677 427 322.
We welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities.
    • The challenges we face in achieving our goals include:
      • Lack of funding.
      • Lack of qualified staff.
      • Lack of access to communities in need.
      • Lack of awareness of our organization.